§ 3-6. Parking  

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  • (a) No person shall park a motor vehicle on the airport other than in areas specifically established for parking and in the manner prescribed; provided, however, that terminal supervisors, police officers or parking lot attendants may authorize or designate other areas for parking when conditions so warrant.

    (b) No person shall abandon or park as "dead storage" any motor vehicle on the airport, nor shall any person park any motor vehicle for a period in excess of the time limit prescribed and posted, nor in restricted or reserved areas unless authorized so to do.

    (c) Violations of subsections (a) and (b) of this section shall submit the offending vehicle to removal at the owner's risk and expense.

    (d) All ramp equipment, including, but not limited to baggage trucks, tugs, scooters, air conditioning and servicing trucks, auxiliary power and starting equipment, will be parked in a neat and orderly fashion at such points on the aprons and adjacent to the loading concourses as prescribed by the director.

    (e) No person shall remove or attempt to remove any vehicle from the parking lot or metered stall without payment of all charges properly due for the period of occupancy.

    (f) Any person claiming a vehicle parked within any of the public parking lots shall pay the full amount due for the period of occupancy, provided that those persons claiming vehicles without a claim check shall be required to show proper identification and evidence of ownership or right to the vehicle.

    (g) Persons parking vehicles within any of the public parking lots who shall not present a claim check shall be charged the full daily rate for the period parked.

    (h) This section will be enforced by the sheriff's deputies under the authority of applicable statutes.

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