§ 3-4. Speed and passing  

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  • (a) Speed limits for airport roadways shall be established by resolution of the board of county commissioners after recommendation by the department of engineering and public works, and no person shall operate a motor vehicle of any kind on the airport in excess of speed limits indicated by posted traffic signs, nor shall any person operate any vehicle on the airport in a reckless manner.

    (b) Motor vehicles shall be operated so as to be under the safe control of their drivers at all times, weather and traffic conditions considered.

    (c) Motor vehicles operated on the aprons of the airport shall not be driven in excess of ten (10) miles per hour.

    (d) No vehicles or trucks shall pass between parked aircraft and loading piers while passengers are enplaning or deplaning.

(Res. of 2-3-70, § IV(2); Ord. No. 70-1, § 1, 3-31-70; Ord. No. 83-4, § 1, 4-5-83)