§ 2-8. Sanitation  

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  • (a) No person shall dispose of any garbage, papers, refuse, trash or any other material on the airport except in the receptacles provided for that purpose.

    (b) No person shall dispose of any fill or building materials or any other materials on the airport except in such areas as are specifically designated by the director.

    (c) No person shall use a comfort station or rest room, toilet or lavatory facility other than in a clean and sanitary manner.

    (d) It will be unlawful for any person to occupy, lodge, or sleep in the open on department of airport property, whether in airplanes, tents or other accepted camping methods unless approved prior to said occupancy by the director of airports.

(Res. of 2-3-70, § III(8); Ord. No. 70-1, § 1, 3-31-70; Ord. No. 75-20, § 3, 10-14-75)