§ 2-63. General regulations  

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  • (a) This section shall apply to all organizations and persons granted a permit for solicitation at Palm Beach International Airport.

    (b) All authorized activities shall be conducted only in those nonsecured, public use areas of the Main Terminal Building which are specifically designated on the drawing identified as Exhibit B attached to the legislation from which this section is derived and made a part of the permit, and in no other areas whatsoever. In addition, any and all such activities are specifically prohibited:

    (1) In any areas reserved for a particular use, including but not limited to parking areas, rest room facilities, restaurants, ticket counters, or baggage claim areas.

    (2) Within any area leased to a tenant by the county, without the express written approval of the tenant and the department.

    (3) Within ten (10) feet of the Main Terminal Building entrance and exit doors, escalators, elevators, stairways and within ten (10) feet of the areas specified in paragraph (1) above.

    (4) Within fifty (50) feet of any airport security check area.

    (c) The person or organization issued a permit shall notify the department, in writing, at least three (3) days prior to undertaking any solicitation activities for which the permit is granted, of its intent to undertake such solicitation activities. The notice shall name the authorized individual solicitors, the specific areas for conducting its activities, the specific hours of the day and the number of days, not to exceed one (1) calendar week, during which such solicitation activities will be conducted. The same three-day advance written notice shall be given for each and every subsequent time period authorized under the permit for undertaking solicitation activities.

    (d) If the director finds any actions of the permittee, its agents, employees or members to be disruptive to the public interest, to the movement of persons within, or the operations of, the Main Terminal Building, or of any part of the airport, he may, upon written notice to the permittee, limit the solicitation activities of the permittee to such other specific areas and/or times as may be designated therein. Such limitation shall be effectuated by written notice to any designated authorized representative of the permittee and shall constitute, for the remaining term of the permit, an official administrative amendment to the permit, which shall remain in full force and effect, unless and until otherwise revoked or amended by the director.

    (e) Each individual solicitor of a permittee shall display prominently on his person a badge or insignia which shall be provided by the permittee and which has the prior written approval of the director. All such badges or insignias shall bear the signature of the director, and that of the solicitor, and shall describe the solicitor by name, age, height, weight, eye color, hair color, address, and principal occupation, and shall further state the name of the permittee and the organization for purposes for which funds are solicited.

    (f) In conducting all solicitation activities under an approved and valid solicitation permit, no person shall:

    (1) In any way obstruct, delay, or interfere with the free movement of any other person.

    (2) Seek to coerce or physically disturb any other person.

    (3) Hamper or impede the conduct of any authorized business at the facility.

    (4) Use any sound or voice amplifying apparatus on the premises of the facility.

    (5) Use any drum, bell, tambourine, horn, or other noisemaking device.

    (6) In any way indicate to the public that he is a representative of the county, the department or the airport, or otherwise misrepresent his identity in any way.

    (7) Post or carry any sign, without prior written approval of the director.

    (g) The director may declare an emergency because of unusually congested conditions in, on or about the Main Terminal Building due to adverse weather, schedule interruptions, or extremely heavy passenger traffic, or because of any emergency security measures, in which event, the director shall cause the permittee or its representatives to be so advised either directly or via announcement, and either verbally or in writing. Immediately upon being so advised, the permittee and all representatives of permittee shall cease conducting any and all solicitation activities until such time as the director provides written notice that the declared emergency no longer exists and that the permittee is specifically authorized to commence solicitation activities.

(Res. No. R-85-1292, 8-20-85)