§ 2-42. Taxicabs and limousines  

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  • (a) No person shall, within the boundary of the airport, solicit, invite or induce or attempt to solicit, invite or induce persons to ride in any taxicab, or any other ground transportation vehicle used for the purpose of carrying passengers, baggage or both for hire, either by acts, signs, or the utterances of words used or calculated to induce persons to hire or engage such taxicab or other mode of transportation, unless such person is authorized by the director and acting pursuant to terms and conditions approved by the board of county commissioners, nor shall any person operating any taxicab or other vehicle for hire commit other acts designed to induce passengers or other persons in the terminal building area to believe that such vehicle is authorized to engage in business on the airport either by driving slowly past loading entrances to airport buildings or opening the doors of vehicles for the purpose of inducing any person to hire such taxicab or other vehicle except the operator of any vehicle who has the written approval of the director to transport persons from the airport.

    (b) Except as otherwise expressly permitted by the director in emergencies, no persons shall operate any taxicab, limousine, bus, station wagon or other vehicle carrying passengers, baggage or both for hire from the airport unless that person be the holder of a permit or contract as provided in subsection (a) of this section. The words "for hire" shall be interpreted to include any so-called "package tours" or "free service," the charge for which is contained in the cost of some other service or commodity.

(Res. of 2-3-70, § III(5)(a); Ord. No. 70-1, § 1, 3-31-70)