§ 1-2. Definitions  

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  • In construing this appendix the definitions provided in section 1.01, Florida Statutes, and in section 1-2 of the Palm Beach County Code, shall apply. The following words, terms or phrases where used herein shall have the meanings herein respectively ascribed as follows:

    Airport means the area known as the Palm Beach International Airport, Lantana Airport and Pahokee Airport, and any other airport or airport facilities and all appurtenant rights-of-way owned, leased, operated or otherwise hereafter acquired and placed under the jurisdiction, control and administration of the board of county commissioners.

    Department of airports or department means that division of the county government created by and under the jurisdiction of the board of county commissioners to administrate, operate, maintain and regulate all activities on any county airport.

    Director shall mean that person appointed by the board of county commissioners carrying the title of "director of airports" and charged with the duty of enforcing these rules and regulations and of administering, protecting, controlling, governing and superintending any airport to airport property.

(Res. of 2-3-70, § I; Ord. No. 70-1, §§ 1, 5, 3-31-70)