§ 2-150. Implementation  

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  • (a) Procurement specifications. The living wage requirement shall be included in the procurement specifications for all county construction contracts issued on or after October 1, 2003 and for all paratransit contracts to be awarded after June 1, 2014. The procurement specifications shall require the prospective non-county employer to agree to produce upon the request of the purchasing or construction department, or as otherwise provided by the county administrator through countywide policy, all documents and payroll records required under this division.

    (b) Information distributed. All requests for bids or requests for proposals for paratransit contracts or construction contracts, whether advertised or informally solicited, shall include appropriate information about the requirements of this division.

    (c) Maintenance of payroll records. Each non-county employer shall maintain payroll records and basic records relating thereto for each employee, and shall preserve them for a period of no less than three (3) years. The records shall contain:

    (1) Each employee's name and address;

    (2) Each employee's job title and classification;

    (3) The number of hours worked each day by each employee;

    (4) The gross wages and deductions made for each employee; and

    (5) Annual wages paid to each employee.

    (d) Reporting payroll. Every six (6) months the non-county employer shall certify and file with the purchasing department, if the contractor is a prime contractor providing paratransit transportation services; or with the construction department if the non-county employer is a general contractor; or with the prime contractor if the non-county employer is a subcontractor, certification that all non-county employees who worked on each paratransit contract or construction contract during the preceding six-month period were paid the living wage in compliance with this division. Upon the county's request, the non-county employer shall produce for inspection and copying the payroll records for any or all of its employees for the prior three-year period.

(Ord. No. 03-004, § 4, 2-25-03; Ord. No. 04-002, pt. 3, 1-13-04; Ord. No. 2014-018, § 1, 5-20-14)