§ 2-80.32. Small business assistance advisory committee  

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  • There is hereby created and established an advisory committee to be known as the small business assistance (SBA) advisory committee.

    (1) Membership: The SBA advisory committee shall consist of the following members:

    a. One (1) black business owner certified as a small business by the county;

    b. One (1) Hispanic business owner certified as a small business by the county;

    c. One (1) women business owner certified as a small business by the county;

    d. One (1) white male business owner certified as a small business by the county;

    e. One (1) business owner domiciled in the county;

    f. One (1) representative of a business incubator program;

    g. One (1) representative of a Hispanic business organization;

    h. One (1) representative of the National Association of Women in Construction;

    i. One (1) representative of a women's business organization;

    j. One (1) certified minority contractor;

    k. One (1) representative of the Associated General Contractors Association;

    l. One (1) representative of the Small Business Development Center;

    m. One (1) representative of a financial institution that assists small businesses;

    n. One (1) representative of a Black Chamber of Commerce of Palm Beach County;

    o. One (1) representative of a professional services organization.

    Members shall be appointed at large by the board of county commissioners and shall serve for staggered terms of three (3) years. Members may only serve for (3) three consecutive three-year terms. Vacancies shall be filled in the same manner as the original appointments for the remainder of the vacant term. Each member shall serve without compensation and may be removed without cause by the board of county commissioners at any time. Travel reimbursement is limited to expenses incurred only for travel outside the county necessary to fulfill board member responsibilities when sufficient funds are budgeted and available, and upon approval of the county administrator or deputy county administrator.

    (2) Duties and functions. The committee shall have the following duties and functions:

    a. Review and evaluate the effectiveness of small business programs within county government;

    b. Monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the county's small business policies and procedures, resolutions and ordinances, including their implementation by the various county departments;

    c. Study and evaluate the necessity for further county regulations and procedures regarding small business participation;

    d. Receive and, where necessary, analyze information concerning the presence of discrimination in the bidding and contracting process and recommend to the board of county commissioners further steps to alleviate such discrimination;

    e. Prepare, adopt and present an annual report to the board of county commissioners;

    f. Research and review other jurisdictions' small business programs;

    g. Act as a conduit between the county and the community, industry; organizations, trade associations, chambers of commerce and small and minority/women businesses;

    h. Plan and participate in education and training for small businesses; and

    i. Research and recommend to the board of county commissioners race- and gender-neutral mechanisms which will assist small businesses.

    j. Monitor and report on level of minority/women business enterprise participation.

    k. Monitor legislative initiatives and other issues and activities which impact small and M/WBE businesses and advise the board of county commissioners concerning same.

    (3) Meetings and organizations. The committee shall meet on a regular basis. A majority of members appointed shall constitute a quorum. In the presence of a quorum, committee business shall be conducted by a vote of a majority present. The meetings shall be governed by the Robert's Rules of Order. Reasonable public notice of all committee meetings shall be provided, and all such meetings shall be open to the public at all times.

    (4) Assistance to the committee. The committee may request information from any department or agency of the county, local, regional, state, or federal government for information or advice in the performance of its work.

    (5) Chair and vice-chair. A chair and vice-chair shall be elected by a majority of the committee and shall serve for a term of one (1) year. The duties of the chair shall be to:

    a. Call committee meetings and set the agenda for the same;

    b. Preside at committee meetings;

    c. Establish subcommittees, appoint subcommittee chairs, and charge subcommittees with specific tasks;

    d. Perform other functions as the committee may assign by rule or order.

    The vice-chair shall perform the duties of the chair in the chair's absence, and such other duties as the chair may assign.

    If a vacancy occurs in the office of the chair, the vice-chair shall become the chair for the unexpired term. If a vacancy occurs in the office of the vice-chair, the committee will elect another member to fill the unexpired term of the vice-chair.

    (6) Advisory only. The actions, decisions and recommendations of the committee shall not be final or binding on the board of county commissioners but shall be advisory only.

    (7) Attendance. Members shall be automatically removed for lack of attendance. Lack of attendance is defined as failure to attend three (3) consecutive meetings or failure to attend more than two-thirds (2/3) of the meetings scheduled during a calendar year. Participation for less than three-fourths (¾) of a meeting shall constitute lack of attendance. Members removed under this section shall not continue to serve until a new appointment is made and removal shall create a vacancy.

    (8) Conflict of interest. Committee members shall be governed by the applicable provisions of the Palm Beach County Ethics Resolution R-94-693, as may be amended.

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