§ 2-80.29. Professional services  

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  • The county will provide contracting opportunities for SBEs and M/WBEs in the area of professional services pursuant to F.S. § 287.055, as amended, known as the "Consultant's Competitive Negotiation Act." The county will impose small business requirements on the solicitation of all other professional services not covered by the Consultant's Competitive Negotiation Act.

    A summary of small business program procedures will be included in each solicitation. A point system will be utilized to determine the recipient of the contract award.

    Businesses submitting proposals to provide professional services to the county will be eligible to receive points, not to exceed ten (10) percent of the total number of possible points awarded, for SBE participation. The distribution of points shall be stated in the request for proposal or otherwise made available to proposers or potential proposers upon request. Maximum points shall be awarded when the proposer is a certified SBE.

    The provisions within this section pertaining to professional services are not intended to be used to the exclusion of other provisions of this part in the procurement of professional services.

(Ord. No. 02-064, § 9, 9-10-02)